Establishing life-long healthy sleep habits for your baby, and bringing peace and rest back to your family.

Whether you’re pregnant or have a newborn and are looking to get a jumpstart on understanding infant sleep so you can lay a good foundation for your baby, or you are in it- I mean, really, truly in it- with broken, terrible sleep and a baby who seems to cry all the time, working with a professional can be such a positive life-changing experience.

While your mother, grandmother, best friend, neighbor, Facebook acquaintance, the cashier at the grocery store… all have well-meaning advice, the various opinions can be overwhelming, especially to sleep-deprived parents just doing their best to get through each day.

If you find yourself dreading bedtime, getting that sinking feeling in your stomach when you hear that first cry in the middle of the night, feeling so tired you can barely manage to get off the couch, feeling tension or stress in your home… know that you don’t have to live like that! It is not required for you to “just push through,” because “that’s how life is with young children.”

Quality sleep is not a luxury- it’s a necessity for both you and your baby! You want to be the best parent you possibly can be to your children- this includes teaching them healthy sleep habits for life-long benefits, and making sure you are fully rested and at the top of your Mom-ing (or Dad-ing) game.

You don't have to be in this alone- let's do this parenting thing together!


Free 20-minute introductory phone consultation - Email to schedule now!
The purpose of this call is, firstly, so you can vent- tell me your sleep troubles! I'm happy to give you a quick tip if I'm able to, but keep in mind that until I know the full story and see how all the sleep-puzzle pieces fit together in your home, simple and immediate answers are not always possible. Then, we will spend a few minutes answering any questions you may have about the process of working together to improve your little one's sleep, and how my services are structured. We will wrap up the call with some identified areas for improvement, and next-steps for beginning your service.