Hey hi! I'm Sara, and a first-things-first fact about me: I love and cherish my SLEEP! I love and cherish my husband and daughters too of course, but ahhh, a good night's sleep! (Oh, and vanilla lattes, read-in-one-sitting books, bean and cheese burritos, some 90's country music, freshly-painted nails... but yep, sleep is still my favorite!)

I am a certified Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach, inspired by my experience in the infant days with our first baby girl.

She and I had a very rough first six months; the lack of sleep being a major contributing factor to some postpartum depression and delayed bonding. After months of terrible sleep and many tears (on both of our parts!), I realized our family couldn't live like that anymore. I knew there had to be something I could do, that I could take control of, to bring the peace and joy and REST back into our home. So, I studied- and I corrected poor sleep habits I had allowed to form out of desperation, and I got our baby girl sleeping 12+ hours a night, within 5 days. Even after that, I continued to study. And then I studied some more when we had our second daughter, who is the complete opposite of her older sister- which challenged me to use different methods and techniques to teach her to sleep just as well!

Since then, I’ve advised family, friends, and friends-of-friends for the past few years. I've found I have a passion for helping new parents teach their babies healthy sleep habits; this is something every family can (and should) do! I’ve seen the results firsthand many times over now- and I cannot recommend it enough, to get a handle on healthy sleep and bring rest back to your family!

I think back on those early days with my first daughter and I just cringe- I was so sleep-deprived and hopeless and depressed, and not truly soaking in her preciousness and babyhood; it makes me sad that I missed out on the joy and the bond I should have been feeling. If any of that sounds familiar to you and is speaking to your heart, please let me help you! Don't spend even another day allowing lack of sleep to rob you of one of life's greatest seasons!

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Free 20-minute introductory phone consultation - Email to schedule now!
The purpose of this call is, firstly, so you can vent- tell me your sleep troubles! I'm happy to give you a quick tip if I'm able to, but keep in mind that until I know the full story and see how all the sleep-puzzle pieces fit together in your home, simple and immediate answers are not always possible. Then, we will spend a few minutes answering any questions you may have about the process of working together to improve your little one's sleep, and how my services are structured. We will wrap up the call with some identified areas for improvement, and next-steps for beginning your service.