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ages 0-3 months

As newborn babies are just so, so little and new to this world, teaching healthy sleep habits is very gentle, slow, and relaxed. It's actually more you, as the parent, who will be taught what healthy newborn sleep looks like, how to give your baby the opportunities to live into healthy habits, how to be flexible when things don't go according to plan, and how to prepare yourself for sleep beyond the first 3 months. This newborn plan is designed to simply get the best sleep possible and guide you in laying the foundation for good sleep as your baby grows.

ages 4-5 months

As of about 4 months old, babies will begin forming habits out of their daily activities. Coincidentally, there's also a huge developmental leap that begins at this same age, where sleep habits change and begin to mature and babies become capable of truly learning to self-settle. This is a great time to capitalize on your baby's "clean slate" and maturing sleep cycles, and teach only good sleep habits in a slow and gentle way.

Ages 6-23 months

Once your baby is over 6 months, sleep has settled a bit and habits are becoming ingrained. Corrective changes must be made at this point, which tend to require slightly more firm responses but also result in quicker improvements, as your baby is capable of more independence at night and may be ready to eliminate habitual night feedings.

By 18 months old, your baby will have made the transition and settled onto one nap each day, and your schedule should be fairly predictable and stable up through your child's second birthday.

ages 2-4 years

Once your toddler is over 2 years old, any sleep issues are less 'baby' in nature and are more behavioral and related to toddler milestones, such as transitioning out of a crib or dropping the final nap. While these can be tough to navigate, your toddler should catch on pretty quickly if you're consistent in what you're teaching and drawing healthy sleep boundaries.



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The purpose of this call is, firstly, so you can vent- tell me your sleep troubles! I'm happy to give you a quick tip if I'm able to, but keep in mind that until I know the full story and see how all the sleep-puzzle pieces fit together in your home, simple and immediate answers are not always possible. Then, we will spend a few minutes answering any questions you may have about the process of working together to improve your little one's sleep, and how my services are structured. We will wrap up the call with some identified areas for improvement, and next-steps for beginning your service.