Sara helped me with a newborn sleep plan and a sleep training plan for my 5 month old. This is my second child but I suffered postpartum depression with my first largely because of the lack of sleep! I felt so confident with Sara's help and my daughter was actually an amazing newborn sleeper thanks to her newborn plan and guidance. I was already fairly well versed in infant sleep already after doing my own research with my first but I learned more about sleep than I thought I could from Sara which really helped set up my daughter with a solid foundation for sleep training at 5 months. With my older daughter we did the Cry It Out method. It worked but was painful on mom and dad to listen to. Sara helped us come up with a gentler method for my second child and so far it has been working fantastic and we feel really good about teaching her these healthy habits with less tears (from all of us!) I am actually shocked how quickly we are seeing results with a more gentle method. My daughter is also on a medicine which requires her to be fed more frequently than a typical baby her age. Sara took this into consideration when helping us through sleep training and I couldn't be happier with the individual attention to detail she gave our sleep training plan. I now recommend Sara to all of my pregnant friends because sleep is the best gift you can give a new mom!!!
Danielle B.


Sara made me feel comfortable no matter what method I chose

Sara was seriously such a blessing and came at just the right time. I was a few months in with my second child when I reconnected with Sara and she told me about her business. It first started with me asking questions, I thought I had remembered everything about babies sleeping but was wrong, and quickly turned into a partnership of helping my little guy get rested. Sara made me feel comfortable regarding my child's sleep no matter what method I chose to sleep train and was a huge support throughout the process. Anytime I had a question or was worried about the plan we made she always put me at ease and was responsive. I can say that mama and baby both felt rested after working with Sara. Would I recommend Sara to others? Heck yeah!


She held my hand the whole way.”

As a first time mom, one of twins no less, I was a bit overwhelmed and truly taking it day by day; adjusting to my new little ones and their new schedule. The problem was that I didn't exactly have a consistent schedule. At 4 months, naps were spotty and we weren't even close to sleeping more than 4 hours at a time at night. I was starting to lose it! I turned to Sara and she was our angel! She sent me a lot of great information regarding nap schedules and times to follow and walked me through a sleeping chart to log their progress. She held my hand the whole way and always responded with urgency easing my nerves! Within one week, naps were consistent. Within two months, I had twins sleeping through the night! To say my husband and I were elated is an understatement and just as importantly, I had happy well-rested babies!



Sara was an absolute joy to work with! My daughter was a challenge throughout this process since she's a bit on the stubborn side (wonder where she gets that from!), but Sara worked with me very closely to individualize a sleep plan that would work specifically for her. Based on my daughter's response to the plan, Sara recommended adjustments and tweaks in order to provide the most beneficial sleep schedule for my little one. We have seen a huge improvement in how quickly she falls asleep when putting her down, when previously she could take up to an hour to get to sleep making for very exhausted and frustrated parents. My little one is taking regular naps now and frequently stays asleep beyond the one sleep cycle, which was previously a struggle of hers. I cannot recommend Sara highly enough! She is very knowledgeable, and we will definitely keep her in mind for any future sleep needs.

— Heather B.


"I can really tell you put your heart and soul into what you do."

You have been so incredibly kind and generous with your information. I seriously don't even know how to thank you!

— Destany

"Sara was always ready to help in my time of need!"

She custom made a sleep plan that catered to my baby's needs and our lifestyle. It really helped to have someone to talk to, and I don't know what I would have done without her!

— Vanessa


Sara is AMAZING. I reached out to her for help when my second baby was about 1 month old, after several terrible nights in a row. Having to chase a toddler around during the day as well as care for a newborn on no sleep, I was desperate for advice that worked. Sara helped me get my infant daughter on a sleep schedule, something I didn’t believe was even possible at such a young age, resulting in more sleep for her and me. She made herself available to me, answering all of my questions, troubleshooting problems, and encouraging me along the way. She stayed in touch the last few months and helped us through another sleep-related issue recently, providing the same level of care, responsiveness, and excellent advice. If you are exhausted and struggling with a baby who isn't sleeping enough, don’t hesitate to contact Sara. Her advice has been invaluable to me and my family!

— Heather S.


"He's sleeping through the night with less feedings!"

As a new mother, my little one was sleeping whenever he felt like it. We had days where he would only sleep 2 hours, and when he got tired he would fight it and be fussy. I had no idea how much sleep babies were supposed to get at different ages. Thanks to Sara's newborn sleep guide, I now know so much more. Thank you Sara!

— Nabila


My daughter went from an hour-long process to get her to sleep (and she would only sleep for maybe an hour) to 3 consistent naps a day and an 11-hour bedtime, within three weeks.

— Lex (again, with her 3rd baby)


Sara is amazingly passionate about what she does. She really has a gift. Being a new mother, I had only heard stories from friends and family about what to expect when it comes to a baby's sleep. Nothing can totally prepare you for what to expect. Once Apollo came, I had endless questions for Sara. Without hesitation, she gave me thorough advice! She not only helped Apollo develop better sleep patterns, but also helped us as the parents adjust our lifestyle and not-so- great habits to create a healthy, happy, rested home.

— Nicole


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